What is
the wantlist tool?

Simply put, this is a tool made by and for vinyl lovers that don’t want to pay inflated prices for the records they love.

By using our wantlist, you can put yourself in the best possible position to grab records as soon as they get added to the discogs marketplace, and before the sharks come out to play.

Link your discogs
wantlist to our tool and
you’re good to go. Really,
it’s that simple.

As soon as a record
you are interested in goes on sale,
you will receive an instant telegram
notification and be able to purchase it
before the resellers buy it, add their 40-50%
surcharge (no joke!) and put it up
for sale again.

You can decide to
follow your entire wantlist, or
just a selection of particularly
hard-to-find records you’ve been hunting
down for ages.

If you’re tired of receiving the
standard discogs notifications only to find out the
record has already been sold, or are done
with receiving useless updates about tunes you
carelessly added to your list years ago,
this is tool for you.