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Revibed Mixes #2: Valentine's Day

Revibed Editorial Team
Revibed Mixes #2: Valentine's Day

Love is the most powerful force. It transcends time, boundaries, and differences. It’s the language that every heart understands, the light that guides us through the darkest moments. Love is the masterpiece of humanity, painting our world with colours of compassion, understanding & unity. 💝

On this day, it seemed only appropriate to create for you a short story about how different musicians, representatives of various races and nations talk about love.

We wish that through love people will come to the solution of problems facing humanity, no matter how insoluble they sometimes appear.

With love!

The Revibed Editorial Team 🦜


  1. Helena – Beautiful Love
  2. Natural Mystic – Natural Love
  3. DJ Cole Medina – Cole Loves Your Insides Out
  4. S.S.P. – Love 4 Tha Game (Original Radio Version)
  5. Алексей Рыбников – Сады любви (Дневник Карлоса Эспинолы)
  6. Karen Smith – Pillow Talk
  7. Oui – Circle Of Love
  8. Sade – Couldn't Love You More
  9. Paradise Frame – Love Is The Natural Way
  10. Fake Love – Untitled (B1)
  11. Love Junkie – Don't You Know I Cry For You, Baby
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