Welcome to Revibed, the platform dedicated to the preservation of rare and vintage recordings!

Our project involves the disclosure of rare CDs, vinyls or cassettes, by crowdfunding their digitization, thus ensuring that these musical creations are not lost in time.

As part of our commitment to this endeavor, we have made every effort within our reasonable means to locate and identify the rights holders of these works, performances, and recordings. Our mission is rooted in respect for both the authors and artists who created and interpreted these musical masterpieces, and the publishers and master owners who invested in the divulgation of these creations.

Regarding the rights of authors, composers, and music publishers, we are proud to have entered into an agreement with the Belgian collective management organization SABAM for maximum safeguarding thereof.

If you are the author, composer or publisher of any of the works embodied by the recordings, and you have any questions about this, please send an e-mail to artists@revibed.com.

Due to the rarity (and/or age) of the materials involved, identifying the master owners has proven extremely challenging. We have undertaken extensive research to locate the master owners, yet despite our best efforts, we may have been unable to establish contact with all parties concerned. We had to accept that by disclosing orphan and out-of-commerce works, we did not tread the easiest path.

If you are the master owner of any of the recordings or believe you may exercise rights in that capacity with respect to the recordings featured on our platform, we strongly encourage and invite you to contact us. We have provided a designated form for you to assert your master ownership.

By submitting the form, you confirm your status as the rightful master owner or an authorized representative acting on their behalf. You grant us permission to carefully review the information provided and take appropriate actions, which may involve offering proper attribution, removing the recording(s), or pursuing a mutually agreeable arrangement.

We understand the value of preserving musical heritage and respecting intellectual property rights. This disclaimer is a sincere expression of our firm intentions.

If, alternatively, you are not a rights holder, but simply have interest or questions regarding our endeavors, please do not hesitate to send us an email at artists@revibed.com.

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